Daily lessons
Url Shortener
Design Rate Limiter
Design LeetCode
Design Yelp
Design Pastebin
Design E-commerce Store
Realtime Monitoring System
Design Typeahead System
A comment system
Design Twitter
Design a Realtime Chat App like WhatsApp
Design Dropbox
Design YouTube
Design Uber Ride-Hailing Service
Google Maps
Daily activity
Basics: The System Design Interview Course
Basics: Interview Template
Basics: Study Guide
Basics: Core Challenges in Web-scale System Design (and How to Tackle Them)
Basics: Back-of-the-envelope Resource Estimation
Non-functional Requirements: Non-functional Requirements in System Design Interviews
Non-functional Requirements: High Availability
Non-functional Requirements: Latency
Non-functional Requirements: Throughput
Stateless services: Evolution of Computing Environments
Stateless services: Evolution of a Web App
Stateless services: Load Balancer
Stateless services: Load balancing Codelab
Storage: Data Structures Behind Databases
Storage: Key-value Database
Storage: Document Database
Storage: Full-text Search Database
Storage: OLTP (Transaction) or OLAP (Analytics)?
Scaling databases: How to Scale Databases
Scaling databases: Database Replication
Scaling databases: Data Replication Tutorial
Scaling databases: Change Data Capture
Scaling databases: Database Partitioning
Scaling databases: Consistent Hashing
Scaling databases: Database Partition Tutorial
Scaling databases: Caching
Scaling databases: Redis Codelab
Dataflow: Overview
Dataflow: Push vs Pull
Message Queue: Message Queues in System Design
Message Queue: AMQP-style task queues
Message Queue: Redis-queue Tutorial
Message Queue: Log-based message queues
Message Queue: Kafka Exercise
Batch and stream processing: Overview
Batch and stream processing: Batch processing In System Design
Batch and stream processing: Stream processing
Batch and stream processing: Batch and stream
Distributed systems: Distributed System Theory
Distributed systems: Distributed Database, CAP and PACELC Theorem
Distributed systems: Consensus
Distributed systems: Distributed transactions
Template: Design Template
Template: System Design Template Application: Social Media Comment System
Template: URL Shortener System Design
Template: Rate Limiter System Design
Template: Design a Contest Platform Like LeetCode
Template: Pastebin System Design
Template: Design for Realtime Monitoring System
Template: Design Typeahead (Autocomplete) System
Template: Design a Comment System
Template: Design Twitter
Template: Realtime Chat App System Design
Template: Dropbox System Design