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Design E-commerce Store

Design an E-commerce store like Amazon

Functional requirement:

  • Product Catalog: The service should have a product catalog where sellers can list their products and buyers can browse or search for products.
  • Inventory Management: The service should keep track of the inventory for each product. It should update the inventory as products are sold and possibly alert the seller when the inventory is low.
  • Shopping Cart: Users should be able to add items to a shopping cart and checkout when ready.
  • Order Management: Users should be able to view their order history, track their orders, and request returns or refunds.

Scale requirement:

  • 10M Daily Active Users
  • Read:write ratio = 100: 1
  • Data retention for 5 years
  • Assuming 1 million write requests per day
  • Assuming each entry is about 1KB
1. Resource Estimation